Get Started

To get started with Creek Freaks, look for an existing program near you or start your own.

Join an Existing Program
The easiest way to become a Creek Freak is to join an existing program. Check the Creek Freaks Program Map or Program List to see if there's an active program near you.

If there is a program near you, click on the program name to find the main page for that program. You can become part of the online group by clicking the “Subscribe to this program” link, which will enable you to do your own stream monitoring and upload what you find along with photos, videos, and more.

Once you join a program, you can contact the program leader directly to find out more about events he or she may be hosting.

Start a Program
If you know an adult who is willing to become a Creek Freaks program leader, send him or her to the Start a Program Web page to find out more about how the program works and what steps are involved in getting a program off the ground (and into the water!).

Get “Freaky” on Your Own
You don’t have to be part of an organized Creek Freaks program to learn about creeks and upload your own photos.

To start uploading your own photos, videos, stream stories, and more, visit the Find a Program list page and click on “New to Creek Freaks” to join an open program that lets you post information from around the country.

You can find a river of information on stream ecology and more in our Library and in the Water Words online dictionary.